About Us

Scott Street Pharmacy was founded in 1986 by a group of local pharmacists primarily to supply medication to two private hospitals in Toowoomba. With a passion for quality healthcare and hundreds of years experience between these pharmacists, it was only a matter of time before innovation would take its course. What else could have been expected from a group of people with some having over 40 year’s industry experience?

So from humble beginnings the pharmacy started to expand into other areas. Sleep apnoea studies as well as Scott Street Mobility Solutions were the brainchildren of this undertaking.  

The pharmacy became too small for the work we were doing and in September of 2006 the pharmacy relocated to our current premises in the Medici Medical Centre opposite St.Vincent’s Hospital in Toowoomba.

As of March 2016 Scott Street Mobility Solutions which is a division of Scott Street Pharmacy is located at 7 Foundry Street in Toowoomba

Our Mission:

We make your health, our priority. If you request a service or product we do not offer or stock then we will investigate the viability of offering the service and endeavour to procure the item. If we cannot supply the service or stock we will refer you to the most appropriate health professional or business.

Our Values & Vision:

Maintaining a point of difference from other pharmacies by continuing to look at avenues to grow the business outside of regular pharmacy services is important to us.  It is just as important to us to ensure that we provide you with quality service in a timely manner. After all, our motto here at Scott Street Pharmacy isn’t “Your health, our priority” for nothing.

Professional integrity and satisfied customers are the things that matter most to us. We incorporate this into our day to day dealings and will continue to do so in the future.

We look forward to being of service to you; contact or visit us today and experience the difference at Scott Street Pharmacy!