Compounding Services

Scott Street Pharmacy offers a specialised compounding services to meet the unique needs of the Practitioner and Patient.

Our Compounding Pharmacists and Technicians are fully trained by PCCA (Professional Compounding Chemists of Australia) and have years of compounding experience in BHRT (Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy), Dermatology & Cosmeceuticals, PaediatricPain Management, Sports Medicine, IVF & Gynaecology, Hospice and Veterinary.

The Compounding Lab at Scott Street Pharmacy is fully compliant with  the Professional Compounding Chemists of Australia (PCCA) Compounding standards. We are audited and inspected by PCCA every two years to give piece of mind to prescribers, patients and pharmacists. All of our preparations meet standards of Quality Assurance for patient safety. We also submit samples to Eagle Analytical  for microbiological and potency tests.

We offer Saliva Testing where you can measure your hormones at home with a saliva test kit from NutriPath Integrative Pathology Services. You can also complete a Hormone evaluation form.  Saliva Tests can capture baseline hormones, adrenal hormones, full cycle hormones, luteal phase hormones and melatonin hormones. The results from these tests are forwarded to the pharmacist. When the pharmacist gets your results she will liase with your preferred doctor to discuss your treatment options if needed. For compounded products containing hormones a prescription is required from your doctor.

As part of our services our Compounding Pharmacist will carry out a consultation and risk assessment on all compounded medication before commencement. Please note that most of our compounded products are Prescription Only (S4).

Speak to our Compounding pharmacist today to optimise your health and well being. Visit our FAQ and Compounding pages for more information.

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