Prescription Dispensing

Scott Street Pharmacy offers a prompt over-the-counter and dispensing service when you have your prescription filled at Scott Street Pharmacy. A pharmacist is always available to offer professional counselling and advice on your prescription medication and medicinal needs. We dispense private and PBS (Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme) drugs, specialised fertility drugs and a large range of insulin and injectables. For any high cost drugs we will endeavour to access on request.

You can have your prescription filled in person, via phone, email or fax.

When ordering by phone, we must see a copy of original prescription before dispensing. (unless your prescription is kept on file). This can be faxed or emailed. You then must present the original copy by post or in person before collection. This also applies for prescriptions that are faxed or emailed.

If you are short on time or unable to visit the pharmacy you can choose to have your prescriptions left on file. You can call or email us the next time you need your prescription filled and we will have it ready when you arrive to the pharmacy.

Click How to get my compounded prescription filled for your compounded prescriptions.

We also offer a convenient delivery service in the Toowoomba local area.