Webster Packing

At Scott Street Pharmacy we offer a Webster packing service for people who have difficulty in taking their medication regularly. For a small fee it is conveniently packed and can be delivered to your door. We pack for patients who are living at home, in a retirement village or nursing home.

Webster packing is a safe solution for people who are faced with the daily routine of taking a number of pills and capsules in the right combinations at the right time. The pack is safe and simple, it sets out the tablets and capsules for each particular time of day for each day of the week. This makes it a lot easier to manage medication. You can also see if your medication has been taken so there is no mistake of double dosing.

The pack lists all the contents and other medications taken which is vital information for hospital or ambulance staff in the case of an emergency. In case of an emergency having the Webster-pak also tells the staff if your medications have been taken.

To have your medications packed you can talk to our pharmacist today and we can arrange it all with your doctor. Alternatively, you can speak to your doctor first who can contact us.

10 Reasons to start a Webster-pak.

  1. Simple to use.
  2. Reduces error.
  3. Gives peace of mind to relatives, carers and loved ones.
  4. Provides a visible reminder to take your medication.
  5. Easy to check to see whether medication has been taken or not.
  6. Sealed and secure to prevent spills or mix ups.
  7. Suitable for all age groups.
  8. Saves time and responsibility.
  9. Value for money.
  10.  Convenient and portable.