The Team


Garry Franklin 

Operations Manager

I have been employed as the Operations Manager at Scott Street Pharmacy for approx 8.5 years and prior to that I was the Manager of the Toowoomba branch of  pharmacy wholesaler API.  Before beginning work at API I was employed by Scott Street Pharmacy previously known as Toowoomba Private Hospitals Pharmacy in their DVA area and as the Imprest Coordinator at St Vincent’s Hospital.

I also worked as a Purchasing Officer/Storeman and Delivery Coordinator at The Friendly Society Dispensary in Toowoomba for 8 years.  Before my time at FSD, I was employed by the Department of Defence where my roles included; Warehouse Clerical Assistant, Procurement Clerical Assistant and Purchasing Clerk and Acting Provisioning Officer prior to the closure of the depot.




Sonja Venzke

Compounding Pharmacist

In 1985 I completed my B.Pharm degree in South Africa and began my internship in 1986. In 2002 I qualified for immigration to Australia by completing my entry exam (APEC) to practice as a pharmacist in Australia. In 2003 I moved to Toowoomba where I worked at a pharmacy in Oakey for 6 months. I then completed my next exam and became registered as a Pharmacist in Australia in December 2003. I started working at Scott Street Pharmacy in June 2004 and have never looked back.

My background consists of mostly community pharmacy. I worked in wholesale and hospital for a short period. I was the secretary of the Pharmaceutical Society for Namibia for 6 years. I am a trained Breast Care Consultant and my special interests are in Compounding, Asthma and Diabetes. I completed my Comprehensive Compounding Course in November 2010 and have since had a passion and drive for Compounded Medicines.




Irma Huskisson


I completed my B Pharm at Stellenbosch University, Cape Town, South Africa in 1992. When I graduated from Stellenbosch I worked in retail and the private hospital sector in Cape Town.  In the year 1998 my family moved to Australia where I continued to work in the Cunnamulla Pharmacy for 2 years.  I went onto to complete my APEC (Australian Pharmacy Examining Council) in 2003 to become a Registered Pharmacist in Australia. I have been working as a Pharmacist at Scott Street Pharmacy for 8 years as a Pharmacist in both Dispensary and Compounding.  I completed the Comprehensive Compounding Course with PCCA (Professional Compounding Chemists of Australia) in 2010.


Stuart Reinke

Compounding Pharmacist/Partner

I became an original partner of Scott Street Pharmacy in 1986. At the time I was running my own pharmacy, Reinke’s Pharmacy, starting in the late 70’s until my pharmacy was taken over by Scott Street Pharmacy in 2010. The Compounding Lab at Reinke’s Pharmacy moved to Scott Street Pharmacy where it now operates and is the only Compounding Lab on the Darling Downs. I became a Member of PCCA (Professional Compounding Chemists of Australia) in 2000 and completed the Advanced Compounding Course that year.




Di Murtagh

Retail Manager

Working with a  team of professional health consultants makes my job very rewarding. The fact we are all aiming for the same goal, that is to assist people on their journey to improve their health is wonderful. Understanding the importance of family health issues, i’m delighted to be part of a team doing their best to benefit the communities health issues. 

I gained my Retail Pharmacy Diploma in Brisbane in 1986 and have incorporated over 40 years in retail business and the pharmacy industry.

Being appointed Retail Manager at Scott Street Pharmacy 8 years ago, I feel I have a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer and share with my work colleagues and customers. A foray into the boutique and fashion scene in Brisbane, with window dressing, fashion parade compering and choreography has kept me in touch with the displays and merchandising I like to create within the pharmacy.





Wendy Higgins

Accounts Manager

Most of my working life has been for the main part in Business Administration. I have been in my current role as Office Manager at Scott Street Pharmacy for 13+ years and I still find it both challenging and rewarding. Working for an accountancy firm for a number of years, gaining my Certificate IV in Business and having had many years of experience in this field have all been beneficial in expanding my knowledge.

We have a great team at Scott Street Pharmacy and I enjoy being part of it, both in a working sense and social sense. They are a dedicated group of people who strive to give the best possible service to our customers.



Lynda Powell

CPAP Manager

I Joined the Scott Street Team as CPAP Manager in July 2003. In the past ten years I have been an integral part of the phenomenal growth and development of the CPAP department.  I take great personal pride in offering a caring, supportive and knowledgeable environment for all those with sleep apnoea.

Prior to 2003, I worked for 19 years at St Vincent’s Hospital. During this time I studied externally at Bathurst University to become Health Information Manager. Further studies in Health Promotion were completed to complement this role.